Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our family experienced a simply enjoyable Christmas being together as a family. Sara came down from New York City and stayed for a few days. She and Nick decorated cookies together and whipped up some delicious holiday snacks. The bruschetta was the best!

Artism by Nick screeched to a halt for 4 or 5 days for the holiday, so if you are awaiting an order, it will be arriving soon as we are now up and running!

Enjoy these photos of Sara and Nick, and a few scenes from the back yard of a peaceful winter moon rising.


Jane Hake said...

woe those are great shots. miss you

Anonymous said...

it looks like you guys had a great time

Artism By Nick said...

Thanks, Live and Learn. I miss you a lot, a LOT...always. Will see you very soon though!

FXSmom, I just spent about 15 or 20 minutes on your blog and it is informative, fun and inspirational!! Keep writing and I will keep reading. I'm bookmarking you. You sound like a truly amazing person.

Nick's Mom

Malicious Intent said...

How come your house always looks so pretty and mine does not??
I don't have the energy I think, and the three male units here take a liking to destroying and pee'ing on things. I got a few more years to go before I can boot them all out. Well not the husband, I am going to give him the garage as a "man cave."

ST said...

Hi Nick's Mom - thanks for visiting our blog. What beautiful art your son makes! Happy New Year!

acrosstheuniverse said...

Malicious, I have been at your house and it is always unique and charming and a very cozy home. You are a crafter, a gardener, and a creative person, and don't sell yourself short!!

Thanks to you for visiting, Sarah. Have a new year filled with laughter and love.

Anonymous said...

Those are really good shots! Sara looks so great, and Nick, I'm glad you're back in business! I hope you had a good christmas, you look great!

Anonymous said...

Hi! got my cards....They are outstanding as always. I just love the autism awareness card, the puzzle piece added is such a great idea. I am deeply touched by the special cards I found in my colletion... thank you so very much!

Blessing and Happy Valentines


Artism By Nick said...

Cheryl, we are so pleased that you like your cards!

Enjoy your "variety pack" - hope you have fun finding just the right card to send to each person you surprise with a special note!