Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Show

Last Saturday was the Artism by Nick debut into our local community! Dad and Nick were exhibitors and sellers at the "Walk the High Road for Autism" here in Wilmington, Delaware. Sales were good, and we got lots of positive feedback. Our favorite comment, heard many times over, was "These are really NICE..." To me that means a lot, because aside from the fact that Nick is productive and is part of a business (and really, how cool is that?), he has a good product.
People especially loved the "Autism Awareness" card, and the "Summer Rose" card was a surprise runaway winner!

Mom was out of town and missed the whole thing, but our buddy Cheryl was nice enough to capture this shot of the guys! We look forward to doing more events such as this, as well as craft shows and bridal shows, to share our fabulous "Bridal Gold" and "Bridal Silver" cards. Our next short-term goal is to start sharing our cards with local shops, and hopefully they would like to have a little artism for their customers!


Malicious Intent said...

Nick Rocks!
How's my order coming along?? :)

Anonymous said...

nick what you're doing is absolutely amazing! see you in 41 days, dude.

Anonymous said...

The guys look great and wore their matching shirts even though mom wasn't there to supervise. I don't see any mustard or ketchup stains either, I'm impressed.

Oh yeah, congratulations on the sales, too.

Artism By Nick said...

MI, your order is in process!! We have a baby shower (25 cards), Nick's graduation party favors(250 cards), May golf outing (180 cards),sweet sixteen birthday party (30 cards), June golf outing (about 20 cards), and July wedding (75 cards)!!! We will get your order in ASAP! It's GREAT to be busy!! WE LOVE IT....THANKS EVERYONE!

DATALOG said...

OMG you are so BUSY!!!

that pic is adorable. 2 handsome men selling their wares. love it.