Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Local Golf Tournament - "The Drive For Autism"

We thought our readers would like some news on our SUPER and very successful golf tournament benefiting our Autism Society of Delaware, held at the Du Pont Country Club. The weather was great, the food and drinks were plentiful, the whole place was bustling with staff, volunteers, golfers, military people and celebs, and a great time was had by all! We had at least 20 NASCAR drivers including the great Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kane, Darrel Waltrip, and many Eagles football stars!

Our organizer, whose blog name is MI and who posts here regularly, is due a huge debt of gratitude and thanks from me and all the kids and adults in our organization for being such a big part of making this event successful. Half a million dollars was raised for our local chapter, and I am proud and happy to say that some of those proceeds will be going to contribute to our adult program called POW&R (Productive Opportunities for Work and Recreation.) I will be a direct recipient and client of this program as of the beginning of June, when I turn 21! Hopefully I will have a volunteer job with regular part-time hours, possibly leading to paid employment, as well as some fun things to do in my spare time with a support person and maybe some of my friends and fellow POW&R clients.

If you are watching TV tomorrow (Sunday), please tune in to the Best Buy-Autism Speaks 400 NASCAR race on Fox.

It is being held here in Delaware at Dover Downs and Mom, Dad and I will be in the stands! Look for the big mass of blue t-shirts - that will be our section (families in the autism community). This race is for US and we are very excited! What a big weekend for our cause!~

Photo 1: Nick with Big John Runyon (Nick is six feel tall - that guy must be 6'7"!!)

Photo 2: Shaking hands with Anthony Federoff of American Idol fame. He sang the national anthem beautifully to kick off the festivities.

Caption 3: With the Philly Soul cheerleaders (that's Jon Bon Jovi's team) I guess gentlemen DO prefer blondes...

Photo 4: Hundreds of golf carts, ready to take to the courses!


Anonymous said...

nick, thanks for helping to make the golf outing a huge success. The girls could not resist the smile of the greek god. I am so proud to be part of your future.

Artism By Nick said...

Katina, right behind my mom and sister, you are my favorite Greek godess! Thank you for your unwavering belief in me. Together, we will move mountains!

Malicious Intent said...

I bow before the brave and noble POW&R of Nick! :) Thanks so much for the lovely compliments. But thanks even more for just being you and coming to our event and helping to make it that much more special and showing off your goods.

BTW...where are my thank you cards?....I have a few people I need to thank. (You might have noticed that from the other day.)
I know, I am so demanding I should be locked up. At least that is what I am hoping for. It's the only way I get a vacation. hehehe.


Artism By Nick said...

MI, we will have your cards to you by Wednesday! Mom will bring them by the office! Good things take time, you know:)...

Malicious Intent said...

Oh, don't forget I won't be at the office. Surgery on Tuesday. I am home for the next few weeks. :)
See ya at the race!