Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from a Birthday Trip to St Louis

We've returned from a wonderful, fun-filled week and a half in our native St. Louis. It was great to be back home and see friends and relatives alike.

Nick celebrated his 21st birthday with a pool party blowout - we rented an entire swim club and filled it with reggae music, fun people, lots of pizza and hot wings, and pure happiness! Happiest of all was Nick.

He was in heaven, holding court in a lounge chair as people came up to wish him well, hopping in and out of the pool with the kids, and downing countless slices of pizza, wings, and cans of Pepsi!!

Even though we were celebrating the legal drinking age, he didn't indulge at the pool for safety reasons, and because he is on so much darn medication for his Crohn's Disease. He did toast the big weekend with a half beer with Dad at dinner the following night.

Our dear friends and family members came from all over, including California, Texas, Illinois, Iowa and New York! To them and to all who attended the party, we say that we could never repay you for all the love and support you've shown Nick. I know he truly felt loved...I know I did. Enjoy viewing these fun party pics!


Anonymous said...

nick! you rock, and the party was great. you are such a party animal!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know you've been added to my "fashionable reads" on my blog! check it out!

Artism By Nick said...

Love it! Thanks, Mags!! I'm so glad you had fun at my party. You know I did!!

Anonymous said...

how fun and happy belated bday

Anonymous said...

We miss you! Come back!


Artism By Nick said...

We miss you too!! I keep looking out my kitchen window for the pool...all I see is the Redwood Forest.

DATALOG said...

thinking of you! these pics are awesome! the party was a blast!