Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nick's Special Night

Our Nick made us proud at graduation! The event was so elegant, simple, and heartwarming. Nick walked across the stage, received his certificate, and shook hands with the many administrators on stage. His sister Sara came all the way from New York for the day in the midst of many work deadlines, and we were so proud and happy to have the family together for this very special occasion.

After the ceremony, there was a reception where many of Nick's teachers from his years at the program were in attendance to wish the graduates well. It was great to see and be able to thank teachers going back 10 years in his education - each one a part of his achievements and successes.

After the reception, it was off to a wonderful dinner in the historic district with our family and our good friend Katina, who will be a big part of Nick's future as the director of the POW&R program (Productive Opportunities for Work and Recreation). This is a new adult services program that is creative, individualized, and very exciting for Nick to start!~

Enjoy these photos from the evening!

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Malicious Intent said...

Man, I almost made it through the whole day without crying! Ok, you are gonna pay for this! lol!

Congratulations to Nick, as a mom myself of a young man with autism I cannot help but look in awe and wonder of your achievements. You have an incredible family who will support you all the way, and thanks to years of hard work by many, there is something there for you to insure a very bright and beautiful future!