Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Art Keeps Getting More Fun, More Exciting, and More Beautiful!

Here is another card we made - six of these to go with the 6 black ones previously mentioned, for our customer Betsy who wanted understated cards for condolences.

We were pretty stunned by their beauty once they were painted, cured and trimmed! This is a shot of them on the table before curing or trimming. We REALLY like this border thing - it's simple for Nick to do because he just has to follow the outline of the card. (He still gets to select each piece as he goes!)

Our customer Cheryl made a good point in our comments section...these are NOT just for condolences!! We think people would like these among our selections, so we're going to offer them! Look for a sample to appear on the slide show at the top of the blog, and on the bottom of the blog in the card shop.

We can do them in ANY color scheme for you! What would you like? Purple border on white card stock with brushed gold? Green border on cream card stock with brushed silver? The possibilities are endless! We're waiting for your order!

Our customers have inspired SO many great cards - Betsy, this time, thanks go to you!


Anonymous said...

Very nice ideas! Love them!!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH i totally agree that these should be put into the card shop permanently!!!!!! i LOVE them. and i never use more than one exclamation point because i dont find them necessary, but in this case i do. GO NICK! the possibilities are not only endless for this card, but for YOU!

Malicious Intent said...

Nick for President!

Malicious Intent said...

Nick, your Aunt, Mom and Cousin are all coooooooooooky! If you ever need a break from them...I understand totally and you can come stay here. :)