Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Proud of My Sister Sara

Nick's sister Sara has been inspiring him his whole life. He has looked up to her and even though she didn't always notice it, he was watching her and learning from her all the time. (Because of her tutelage, video games are still one of Nick's favorite pasttimes...and boy, is he good!)

Unlike a lot of kids with autism, Nick loved the hustle-bustle of errands, outings, going to her school functions, and hanging with her friends when they came over. To say the least, there is a void in our house, but never in our hearts, for our Sara.

When she left for New York 3 years ago, I gave her a silver locket with a white feather inside. Engraved on the back was my wish for her - "fly". She certainly did - she is creating a fantastic career for herself in publishing.

She was hired as Assistant Editor for a beautiful startup magazine, Crochet Today ( After 2 years there, she made a very brave and bold move recently to an Assistant Music Editor position at BUST magazine (, along with her ongoing freelance and web magazine work.

We are so proud of Sara! It's hard to have a blog starring Nick without talking a little bit about Sara. She is the apple of her parents' OTHER eye.

So please, right now, go to www.crochet and click on the Editor's Letter - for a warm, wonderful tribute to Sara from Editor-in-Chief Brett Bara.


Anonymous said...

AWW so sweet. GO SARA

Jane Hake said...

nice write up. Sara rocks!!!

Jenny said...

How wonderful! You must be so proud of both of your children!

Malicious Intent said...

Awe, so nice of her old boss to write up something about
Sarah. So awesome!

Anonymous said...

Go Sara!!! Matty loves to follow his big sis too

Anonymous said...

VERY COOL one family with much talent! Great work Sara!