Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Holiday Workshop is Busy!

We have been very busy at Artism by Nick preparing for the holidays. We are creating beautiful greetings with personalized messages. As you can see by the photos, Nick has been prepping materials in anticipation of our workload.

Our customers are able to select their own personal greeting, font style, card stock color, ribbon color, and design scheme (green and red or blue and white). These will make for truly unique and memorable holiday cards! Nick's artist profile and logo will be on the back of each card.

The deadline for ordering your personalized holiday cards is October 1, and you will receive your cards by November 30 for mailing.

If you are interested and did not receive information about this unique offer in the mail, please email us and place your order!


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Nick!! I am emailing you immediately!!

Anonymous said...

awesome card, nick! you look so tan and great. miss ya!

Jenny said...

These are beautiful! I think I may have just found our Christmas cards!

Jane Hake said...

I just got a sample in the mail and I am so excited to order! Check the mail, Nick...I can not wait to send these beauties out!

Anonymous said...

It is that time of year huh

Artism By Nick said...

Anonymous - thank you for your order!

Maggie - miss you too, so much!

Jenny - we would love to make these your Christmas cards!

Live and Learn - they will be coming your way!!

fxsmom - can you believe it?? Fourteen weeks or so...it can't be!